Childhood forms

Childhood is to a child, like the work performed on a raw block of marble is to a sculptor.

Chip by chip the block is shaped by the hammer and chisel, like the childhood is shaped experience by experience, influence by influence.

Thousands of shapes were possible; nothing was given, we could have gone in any direction and be different people from what we are today.

What happen to us during our young years, define us for life.

Some experiences can crush our confidence in our own abilities.

Unfortunately, obese children are often exposed to experiences like that, which make their self-confidence crack and break the faith that would give them the courage and determination to win or at least to try. Then, they might think that it is their fate to not succeed and at some point they stop trying.

One of the objectives of FitforKids is to teach your child, to give your child the experience, self-awareness and identity: “I can!”

To FitforKids, all children should have the possibility to explore their full potential.

Together with you, we will fight and work to give your child the inner strength, which expresses the unique and extremely valuable confidence, which sounds:

“I can!”