As parents we have the primary responsibility for our children’s life, wellbeing, until the day they can be responsible for themselves.

In this responsibility lays the duty of taking good care our children’s life to make them as strong and viable as possible.

One of the most important things in that responsibility is to give your children a healthy life-style.

Thousands of scientific studies have been conducted and showed that exercise, healthy diet and a normal weigh are essential to a child’s wellbeing, quality of life, self-confidence, learning abilities and future possibilities.

But it is not an easy task, as parents, to make sure that theirs child have a healthy life-style. Indeed, there are many challenges and pitfalls.

Therefore, FitforKids Program is designed to support and help the parents as much as possible.

But there is one thing you shall do, so you can enjoy the FitforKids Program: you need to commit yourself to the Program.

As instructors, who have worked with children for many years, we have a lot of experience.

The most important experience we have at FitforKids is that parents play a very important role in their children’s health.

The implementation of positive changes has the biggest effects when it is done at home with the parents.

Positive changes need to be implemented at home with the parents, but there are other places where improvements are also necessary.

But of course, since the relationship between parent – child is so important, the best place to introduce positive and long-term changes is, without a doubt, at home with the parents.

As a parent in the FitforKids Program, you will receive support and knowledge through dietary guidelines, coaching, books, messages, emails, apps and lectures. Our instructors are always ready to talk with you and you are always welcome to contact our headquarters for a new inspiration and good advice.

We give your child positive training experiences, strengthened self-image and possible new friendships. We explain difficult concepts and information in easily understandable metaphors, so your child can learn about the body’s metabolism, muscle’s work and motivation cycle.

We give you good and understandable arguments that show why you need to train and reorganize your food habits. We also give you suggestions about how to handle giddiness, denials and lack of motivation in an effective and considerate manner.

In FitforKids you can find a dedicated and competent support, we work hard and persistently to give your child the best conditions to improve his/hers health.

We look forward to welcome you and your child and give you all the support you need to achieve your goals!