The FitforKids Association

Legal Formation

The voluntary organisation FitforKids is a non-profit social innovation; social in ends and social in means. Founded in 2007 in Copenhagen, Denmark, with the aim and ambition to create the best possible community-based Childhood Obesity Intervention in the World.

Our value proposition to our customers, i.e. our donators, is to deliver a solution that is more effective and less expensive than existing interventions. Our promise to our FitforKids families and children is to make it fun and cool to be part of our world.

We have scientific proof that our program works. We have shown that our model is feasible and that we can scale our solution. With more than 1000 families to have followed the FitforKids program we have deep in sight in to the pitfalls and mechanics of Childhood Obesity Intervention.

As of January 2016 we are present in 16 municipalities in Denmark expecting to reach 25 municipalities by the end of 2016.

FitforKids has gained national as well as international acclaim and respect for our unique Childrens Weightloss Program:

As winner of the 2014 Reach for Change Game Changer competition in Denmark and a finalist at the European Investment Banks Social Innovation Tournament 2015 we are proud to offer our help to European organizations who wish to set up the FitforKids Childhood Obesity Intervention in their country. Please feel free to contact us at for inquiries.


The FitforKids Association is incorporated under Danish Law as a "Frivillig Forening" and registred as such in the Danish Company Register under the Danish Business Authority and approved by the Municipality of Copenhagen as a "Folkeoplysende forening".

FitforKids works on a non-profit basis and do not build up equity. In case of dissolution of the FitforKids organisation any assets will under law overgo to social and/or humanitarian work with in the field of FitforKids.

FitforKids VAT number is 33539266.