Our Cooperation with Municipalities

FitforKids works closely together with the Municipalities: We obtain approval from the Health Department in the Municipality and especially the School Nurses to ensure that they are willing to inform children and families to whom the FitforKids program could be of relevance about the FitforKids program in their city.

We deliver flyers and press materials to the School Nurses and give presentations on the FitforKids program at group meetings or indicvidually.

FitforKids work closely to gether with the PR / Press departments to ensure the public awareness of the program.

We also deliver flyers etc. to local schools and give presentations to school teachers and social workers.

The Municipalities are expected to make available a gym-hall at a public school twice a week for the training of FitforKids Families with at no or reduced costs.

Other than the information about the FitforKids program thru School Nurses to families and the access twice a week to a gym-hall the Municipality is not expected to contribute further to the operation of the FitforKids program.

All though we also hope and apply for financial support from the Municipality is it not a requirement; FitforKids will open new classes in a City even with out financial support from the Municipality (provided of course such finance is obtained elsewhere).