School nurses

The school nurses are one of FitforKids’ most important partners. They have local and personal knowledge of which families could benefit from participating in the FitforKids Program.

Our cooperation with the school nurses helps to ensure that the correct information about Fitforkids offer is transmitted to the families that will most benefit from participating in the FitforKids Program.

The school nurses can receive information about FitforKitds through brochures, flyers, meetings and / or presentations, depending on their choice, which provide them with relevant information and so they can inform the parents and children about Fitforkids-offer in their municipality.

We greatly appreciate the cooperation we have with the nurses and we always listen carefully to their wishes and suggestions for improvement.

Our collaboration with the school nurses reassures and corroborates our credibility, that:

  • Fitforkids has many years of experience in working with the target-group of overweight children and that we understand and take into account the special needs that this vulnerable group may have,
  • our program is developed in cooperation with relevant healthcare professionals,
  • we have documented evidence of the program’s effect, both from scientific research and from the local cooperation with the health care,
  • our volunteer instructors are mainly students in the field of health and nutrition and sports, and
  • we keep ourselves up-to-date with the newest national and international research information.

In connection with the recruitment to the teams, FitforKids is also in contact with other professionals, for example doctors, teachers of physical education, exercise consultants, consultants responsible for integration, caseworkers and staff from the health centers.

We are very grateful for any assistance we receive.