The FitforKids Program

The FitforKids’ Program is a community based multicomponent lifestyle intervention aimed at increasing the overall health of the family as well as reducing BMI and body fat with the childen.

The FitforKids program consists of five elements: Nutritional advice, Physical training for both children and parents, Coaching, Motivational program and Social Events and small gifts for the children.

FitforKids is completely free for the families!

Nutritional guidance at home:

We offer nutritional advice to all FitforKids’ families. We come home to you and we talk about what we can do to get a healthier and more active lifestyle.

Training for children and parents:

FitforKids have two training sessions per week: One hour training for children only on a weekday afternoon; and one hour and a half training session including weighing Saturdays, where parents are requried to participate and where siblings are welcome.

Usually all trainings take place in the local school gym-hall or in a local fitness center.

Parental coaching:

We also aid parents, who think that it is hard to motivate their children to exercise and to cut down the size of proportion and candy. We have seminars, books, sms-service and a hotline, if you as a parent have questions or need for help. We also do individual coaching after agreement.

Motivational program:

FitforKids is a Childhood Obesity Intervention; we are a service to children and their families, who want to be stronger, healthier and happier for life. Thru workshops, emails, text weekly text messages and our books and hand-outs we work dedicated to give the children a positive vision of themselves, their life and possibilities.

Social events:

As part of the FitforKids program we arrange excursions, visits to parks or jogging, or we may invite our FitforKids families to a seminar or a cozy afternoon visit to a FitforKids team in another city. This is an important part of the program as many of the FitforKids Children feel lonely, may be subject to bullying and sometimes feel stigmatized.

Sign up:

Sign up to a team can be done through the local health care or directly through the association.

Inclusion Criterion:

All though most children on FitforKids program are obese or overweight it is not required that the children are overweight; FitforKids is also for children that are inactive.

We also welcome children with ADHD, Aspergers, Downs or other diagnosys.

Does it work?

Yes – The FitforKids Fitness Program creates really good results. The Program was scientifically tested at the National Hospital of Denmark, and a consulting firm independently examined the children and parents experience with FitforKids Fitness Program.

Here we present what the consulting firm concluded:

"In terms of self-esteem and social aspects the participation in the FitforKids Fitness Program had positive effects on a large part of the children. Several families reported that dietary transformation and active lifestyle had a positive impact on the children's well-being, including in terms of more energy, more overskud during the day, improved mood and better sleep. "

And furthermore:

"The effect on the children consisted in increasing the motivation for a healthier lifestyle and an increased interest in and taste for exercise and physical training, and partly in a social and self-esteem development. Most of the families believe that children experienced an increased self-esteem due to weight loss and improved fitness, strength and endurance, and that this also had a positive impact on children's relationships, for example with schoolmates. The families connected this development with the participation in the FitforKids Fitness Program. "

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