Come join!

Would you like to become a part of our team either as an instructor, dietician, coach, administrative or otherwise, please call or write to us at (+45) 7070 2920 or email

All our FitforKids instructors are trained on FitforKids Instructor Camps held several times a year in both Jutland (Esbjerg) and Zealand (Copenhagen).

We have a very high level of professionalism among our FitforKids Instructors: 80% of our instructors are being either graduates or students of Nutrition- and Health (Metropolitan University College), Teacher college or sports bar on University. The average FitforKids instructor is also often fitness instructor trained and / or has worked as a children's class instructors at other children weight loss programs, in sports clubs or gyms.

BUT it determines whether you become a good FitforKids Director is not your professionalism.

It's your heart.

In others words - if you have your heart into it..

To work with overweight children is hard and requires a psyche that can hold on to the positive. The children you meet as FitforKids Instructor's not like the kids who go to volleyball or handball. A FitforKids child may well be reluctant to train and feel uncomfortable or stupid in that situation. This means that your ability to motivate and inspire are crucial to whether you can help FitforKids child.

Therefore, it is common for our most successful Directors that they have with the heart; they are great inspirers and skilled managers.

It is also one of the things you learn to become really good at FitforKids; to lead through inspiration.

And that is an ability that you can take with you anywhere and get great pleasure in life.

If you think it sounds like something for you, then come and join us!

We look forward to greeting you.